This is my ruler and notepad tattoo. I believe that tattoos can be used for functionality as well as memory. I’m a designer, so I use the ruler for buttons, zippers, and trim widths. Usually the notepad has an address or to-do list on it. :) 

You know what, this is actually fucking genius.

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Mardy Bum | Arctic Monkeys

There’s a very pleasant side to you
A side I much prefer

I still love the people I’ve loved, even if I cross the street to avoid them.

Uma Thurman (via jailor)

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I have wanted to kill myself a hundred times, but somehow I am still in love with life.

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She has a mouth like unswept glass — when you least expect it she cuts you.

Junot Diaz, “Otravida, Otravez” (via nasai)

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It hurts when you have someone in your heart but you can’t have them in your arms.


This waterlily plant was frozen under ice in the garden pond for two months last winter. It’s taken all summer to produce this single bloom - but it was worth waiting for….

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Keep your relationship private without keeping your partner a secret. There’s a difference between privacy and secrecy.

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